Daily Living

We understand that one of the hardest parts of moving to a new country and new community is learning the culture. Every culture has different traditions, religions, and ways to show thoughts and feelings. Most important, every culture has a set of rules that people are expected to follow. These rules are not written down, but we learn them from family, teachers, elders, and friends. In various ways (by being told, by observing, by making mistakes), we learn what is expected of us when we are children, when we are adults, and when we are elders. We learn what is expected of us as men or as women. Culture teaches us how to behave and what is ok and not ok for us to do.

The links to the left will provide you with information on daily living in our community. In addition, for more information on the City of Aberdeen, click here. You can also look at the Welcome to the USA Website, by clicking here.

We hope the information provided on this site will help make your transition easier