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Write Your Story!
Synergistic Marketing
Regional Marketing
Implement a strategic marketing plan to promote Aberdeen and the region:
  • Assist Aberdeen and regional assets in leveraging their limited marketing dollars.
  • Build on the “Town-Gown Relationship” between Northern State University and Presentation College.
  • Develop an effective customer service relationship with key target audiences.
  • Expand the “Friends and Family” strategy to increase the number of former residents returning to the region (“Boomerang Effect”).
  • Identify alumni from throughout the region.
  • Review and implement the necessary recommendations of Destination Development Inc.
  • Tell our story of the area’s growth to key target audiences through regional and national media.

To download 'Aberdeen - Write Your Story' Brand Standards, click HERE

Accomplishments of Absolutely!Aberdeen I and II
Worked to unify the Aberdeen brand to maximize the marketing resources and opportunities of the area.
  • AberdeenSD.com
  • Aberdeen, "Write Your Story" brand