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In a city where families and neighbors emphasize the well-being of children, it isn't surprising that quality education and childcare are highly valued here in Aberdeen.
Education & Childcare in Aberdeen, South Dakota

Aberdeen families are fortunate to have both a public school system and two religious private school systems. There are also several private, religious-based preschools and elementary schools offering regular classes. Montessori programs and a variety of licensed daycare and preschool opportunities are also available. Lastly, Aberdeen is home to Northern State University. You can learn about the education levels of our residents here »


Aberdeen has a number of preschools and Montessori schools in town. There are also preschools with combined daycare, which is especially handy for working parents. Preschools are a great way to prepare young students for their entrance into Kindergarten. Many of the preschools in town will start with the basics of writing, ABCs, numbers, coloring, and more. Below you’ll find a list of available preschools in Aberdeen, South Dakota.


Kindergarten – 12th Grade

There are three main education providers in Aberdeen, South Dakota. Each provides education for students in kindergarten through the 12th grade. Along with classes and preparation for college, each school has athletic, theatre, arts, music, and extra-curricular programs.

To learn more about each school system, visit the links below:



Aberdeen is proud to house the Northern State University (NSU) campus. NSU provides quality education in a safe and welcoming community. Locals love to cheer on the Northern State Wolves athletic teams, including their basketball and football team. The college recently completed the new football stadium, which was completed by several local Aberdeen companies.

In addition to athletics, NSU has a thriving arts and theatre programs. The Johnson Fine Arts Center is home to many plays, musicals, concerts, and fine arts shows.

Visit NSU’s website to learn more »

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