English as a Second Language

Cornerstones provides free English Language Acquisition (ELA) classes (also known as English as a Second Language or ESL) to help students speak, read, and write English. To be eligible, students must be age 18 or over, have their own transportation to and from the Cornerstones office, and have access to child-care during the hours in which they plan to attend class. Cornerstones provides each student with a notebook, a folder, and pencils. Students can start at any time during a session.

Aprenda Inglés. ¡Gratis! Lunes, Martes, y Miércoles. Llame para apuntarse en la clase.

Cornerstones’s English Language Acquisition/English as a Second Language (ELA/ESL) classes focus on the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills that people need in their everyday lives, and on career exploration to improve employment skills and to better understand employer expectations in the work environment. These classes address three skill levels, from beginning literacy to high intermediate literacy.

Our students come from many parts of the world. They speak a variety of first languages, including Spanish, Somali, and Karen. Whether they are immigrants, migrants, refugees, or asylees, all of our students have moved to South Dakota to better their lives, fulfill their hopes, and pursue their dreams. The study of English is an important part of improving their everyday lives, expanding their employment opportunities, engaging with their local communities, and achieving their dreams in their new home of Aberdeen, South Dakota.

ELA classes are 1:00-3:00 or 5:00-7:00, Monday-Wednesday. For more information, please visit Cornerstones Career Learning Center at 420 S Roosevelt St., Aberdeen, SD 57401, call 605-626-2298 or go to: CornerstonesCareer.com

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