Aberdeen Workforce Recruitment Program

The City of Aberdeen, Aberdeen Development Corporation, and the Aberdeen Area Chamber of Commerce believe the most effective method to truly grow our community is to add workers to the labor force, not recirculate existing employees from one local employer to another.

The Aberdeen Workforce Recruitment Program is designed to bring new, highly skilled workers to our community, and retain college graduates.

Effective 10/12/2021, The Aberdeen Workforce Recruitment Program offers local employers up to $5,000, per open position, to assist them in creating robust, attractive worker incentive packages to fill jobs.


  • Program is based on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are depleted.
  • Preapproval of the incentive is required prior to the company offering the incentive and expecting payment.
  • Uses include:
    • Relocation bonus for out-of-state recruits
    • Signing bonus for out-of-state recruits
    • Student loan repayment for out-of-state recruits
    • Housing/Rental down payment for out-of-state recruits
    • Upskilling costs for current employees located in South Dakota that will move to a higher-level position
  • Eligible jobs must have a beginning wage of a minimum of $20 per hour.
  • Example:
    • The Aberdeen Workforce Recruitment Program contribution of $5,000 plus a business contribution of $2,500 for a total incentive of $7,500 to an individual.
    • Of note: A business may choose the $ amount to offer for an incentive, the maximum match on any one employee (household) is $5,000.
  • Once there is preapproval, a completed application must be submitted and accepted by the Aberdeen Development Corporation.
  • To receive payment on the incentive, a business will hire and pay the entire incentive to the employee. After the employee receives their first paystub, the company will submit the following to the Aberdeen Development Corporation:
    • Copy of the first paystub showing:
      • Name of the individual
      • Job title of the individual
      • Wage of the individual
    • Use of the incentive (relocation bonus, signing bonus, upskilling costs).
    • If the incentive was upskilling cost, then a short description of what the upskilling entailed.


For questions and preapprovals, please contact Taylor Hanson at the Aberdeen Development Corporation at (605) 229-5335 or taylorhanson@adcsd.com.

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