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Statistics, Facts, & Figures for Aberdeen, South Dakota

Living in Aberdeen

Aberdeen, SD, is a regional hub for northeast South Dakota and that’s why when you’re here, you’ll find services and opportunities far greater than other communities of our same population.

It is a place where entrepreneurs can prosper. Brown County, South Dakota, is one of the most productive agricultural counties in South Dakota. In recent years, the area has been transformed from a trade center serving family farms to a regional agricultural center with ever-expanding grain terminals, processing facilities, and ethanol plants.

Aberdeen is also the birthplace of many corporate headquarters and franchises including:

The city also hosts local, regional, and national companies such as Banner Engineering, 3M Company, BAE Systems, and Twin City Fan.

Plus, we have amazing resources including two higher ed institutions, great public and private schools, and great job opportunities with two strong healthcare systems, state-of-the-art manufacturing, a strong banking and financial sector, agriculture, and so much more.

So, if you’re just starting a career, relocating your family to Aberdeen, SD, or looking to retire here, we have the amenities you are looking for. Plus, did you know South Dakota was ranked as the second-best state in the nation for overall well-being and happiness? Don’t you want that too? Give Aberdeen a look!

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