Aberdeen is a convenient connection point for two major transcontinental highways.
Buses, Trains, and Planes

Transportation in Aberdeen

U.S. Highway 12, also known as “The Yellowstone Trail” runs from Plymouth Rock, MA to Puget Sound, WA. U.S. Highway 281 runs from the International Peace Garden in Canada to the International Bridges across the Rio Grande River, joining Texas and Mexico.


The Aberdeen Regional Airport, serviced by Delta Airlines, provides two flights daily to and from the Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. The flight is just under an hour and allows you to make connections anywhere in the country. Book your flight through the Aberdeen Regional Airport by clicking here.

In addition to the Aberdeen Regional Airport, we also have multiple fixed based operator services, or in Lamen’s terms private plane accommodations. Fly your private jet here or charter a private plan, it’s up to you! Follow the links below to learn more about each service:

Ground Transportation

Buses, Taxis, Car Rentals, and More!

Aberdeen offers an array of charter services, taxi companies, car rentals, Lyft, and public transportation through Ride Line. Ride Line offers public transportation within a two-and-a-half-mile radius of the City of Aberdeen. You are required to call (605) 626-3333 before 4:00 the business day before you need your ride to schedule your trip. They operate Monday – Friday from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and provide transportation for the general public, elderly, disabled, and youth.

They can also connect you by shuttle service to Summit, SD to meet with Jefferson Lines going to Sioux Falls, SD, or to Fargo, ND. Call (605) 626-3333 for ticket prices or connection times. You can also get more information by going to


Having your own vehicle or access to a friend’s will make transportation in Aberdeen much easier as automobiles are the most common form of transportation. There is no daily bus service, however, travel in the community can be scheduled 24 hours in advance through Ride Line as mentioned above. We have several local auto dealerships you can purchase a car from.

If you are new to Aberdeen, we have a short FAQs section that can help you figure out where to get a new South Dakota license, South Dakota license plates, and more.

Visit FAQs Page

Car Rentals in Aberdeen

If you need to rent a car instead, you can do that at the Aberdeen Regional Airport. Three car rental companies operate out of the airport and have a variety of accommodations.

The car rental companies are:

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